• Amberley Silk

A week in New York

Just before coronavirus came along and ruined all of our travel plans, I was lucky enough to visit New York on a uni trip. Now obviously as this was an academic visit, we did partake in a few fashion activities, if any of you are interested in that then I'll mention them below.

I think the best thing that we did, was we travelled on a flight that left at 1pm British time (so we didn't have to be up super early) and we arrived at our hotel at about 7pm New York time. This meant that by the time we'd got some food and settled in, it was about 10pm and we had a full nights sleep, which meant we didn't really have any jetlag.

The hotel we stayed at was The Wellington, which was in the perfect location, slap bang in the middle of Central Park and Times Square. I can't reccommend it enough.

We spent 6 full days in New York, which was perfect I would say. There were a few more things that I wish we had time to do, but by the end of those 6 days, I was absolutely exhausted. We were constantly on the go.

So the list of things we managed to pack into our time there were:

Empire State Building - we saw Cindy Crawford up here

The MET Museum (we saw a fashion exhibition here, but there are all sorts of exhibitions you can visit)

Whilst we were at the MET, we looked around the upper east side, which was so different to the parts of New York we'd seen

Central Park - we found the friends fountain, that isn't actually the friends fountain

Grand Central Station

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour

New York Knicks basketball game

Stardust diner - you have to go here! The waiters sing whilst you eat, unreal!

Brooklyn bridge

Ground Zero

Little Italy - amazing food

Rockerfella Centre - we did this at sunset, the view was unbelievable


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