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What I'm doing in lockdown

Updated: Apr 27

I've recently started working at a doctors surgery to try and relieve some of the pressure off of those working there, but before that, I was starting to get a little bit bored, I must admit. I feel like everyone is getting to that stage in lockdown now, the boredom is starting to kick in. I thought I'd do a little guide of things you can do to keep yourself busy. I can't stress enough how important it is for both your mental and physical health to keep occupied during this time; and I would also like to address how important it is to try and stay in as much as possible and only make essential trips or outings. The sooner we all do this, the sooner it will all be over!

Okay, now we've dealt with the serious stuff, let's skip to the good bit.


Now this is probably the most obvious of activities to keep you occupied, but there are so many sites these days that can keep you occupied. However, I would say that you should try and limit your time staring at the screen, or set aside certain days where you allow yourself to watch it.

There are thousands of sites that you can watch films and TV shows on, but I've just listed a few of the standard ones below:

Netflix - www.netflix.com - plans start at £5.99 per month

Amazon Prime - www.amazonprime.com - costs £7.99 per month

Disney + - https://www.disneyplus.com - costs £5.99 per month

BBC iPlayer - www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer - free

ITV Hub - https://www.itv.com - free

4OD - https://www.channel4.com - free

Now a few of my favourite films/shows:

Luther (Netflix)

Sherlock (Netflix)

Suits (Netflix)

The Stranger (Netflix)

Safe (Netflix)

Gossip Girl (Netflix)

Gavin and Stacey (Netflix/BBC iPlayer)

High School Musical (Disney +)

Princess Diaries (Disney +)

Our Girl (BBC iPlayer)

Love Island (ITV Hub)

Liar (ITV Hub)

Made in Chelsea (4OD)

Celebs Go Dating (4OD)


Exercising is key to keeping your mind and your body healthy during this period of time, whether that is going out to get your hour of exercise a day, or partaking in a physical workout.

If you're not one for working out, then use your hour slot to get outside, whether you go for a walk or a jog. However if you are looking to use this time to get into shape then there are a few programmes you can follow.


Yoga or pilates is a great way to start your day, it helps to clear your mind and stretch your body. There are a few YouTubers that provide routines you can follow, I particularly enjoy Yoga With Adriene.

Working out:

Personally, I find the gym quite a daunting place and I often find it difficult to reach my full potential there as I often feel as though I'm getting judged (I'm probably not but I'm not alone feeling this way am I?) So this self isolation period is a great way to kick start a fitness regime, with no-one to judge you apart from your loved ones. It is completely done on your own accord and if you want to give up half way through, that's totally allowed.

There are many great workouts on YouTube, whatever you're looking to do, just type in and there's bound to be someone talking through it. My personal favourite is The Body Coach.


There are so many different recipes that you can try whilst being in lockdown, whether it be new dinner recipes or baking sweet treats. I personally am loving having the time to bake, I never usually have the time to do this. My favourite recipes I've tried so far are:

Banana Bread

Cinnamon Rolls

I'm going to keep on trying different recipes and I'll do a different blog post with all my favourites.


There are many games you can play to keep you occupied, board games, card games and our personal family favourite, online quizzes.

Board games: · Monopoly

· Cluedo · Game for Life

Card games:

· Cheat · Rummy

· Go Fish


There are so many different quizzes online, for all different ages and abilities, you just need to google what you're after. I've also seen that many pubs are hosting quizzes through Instagram, which I think is such a wonderful idea, so get following your locals and see what they're up to!


· Speaking a second or third language is a great skill to have, so why not take this time to learn a new one? There are courses online such as on Youtube or BBC, that will teach you basics of the language for free.

· Learning a new instrument

· Drawing, I ordered a sketchbook and some colouring pencils the other day

· Painting, either on a

· Organising - decluttering your wardrobe, filing those bits that you've been putting off, even your kitchen cupboards

· Redecorating - all those little marks that you've been noticing for a while can finally get covered up or a complete change of theme

· Painting by numbers

· Adult colouring book


Now, this is the biggest time consumer of them all. I'm sure you've all heard of the app, but if you haven't then you should definitely download it. If you've downloaded it but never used it to create dances, you should. It honestly takes up so much time and you get such a sense of acheivement when you get a dance right. You don't have to post the videos publicly, there's an option to post it so only your followers can see or only you can see.

I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration on how to fill your time in this strange period. Please remember to keep busy, stay positive and know that there is going to be an end to this very, very soon!


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